Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Nov 5 - 12th

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Nov 5 – 12th

Sometimes a day should have more than 24 hours. Well, that’s how it feels lately as I race from one appointment to the next and try hopelessly to squeeze in all the undone things between dawn and dusk.

Not that I’m complaining. If there was only enough time to fit in one outing over the course of a week I’d still be as pleased as punch.

Because this is Paris after all.

With a view like this I feel much better…at night.

Everywhere I go, there you are.

Window shopping bliss.

For the love of urban street art.

It’s impressive what one can squeeze into 12 hours if they set their mind to it, so I’m a runnin’. Over the next week or so this Intolerant’s posts will cover:

* Vintage clothes shopping in the Marais (you will thank me for this, trust me).

* Several Intolerant-friendly restaurants and cafés in Paris that have organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free options.

* A couple of uncommon museums and galleries (read: not the Louvre) worth checking out.

Try passing these up. Go on…

That kicks off in 72 hours though. Until then, there’s plenty of chocolate to eat, glasses to raise and fun to be had.

Wishing everyone a most fabulous weekend, wherever you are!