Intolerants Weekend Redux: Indulging in Cairo's Best Sushi

Intolerants Weekend Redux: Indulging in Cairo’s Best Sushi

There’s not much more to say as I’ve put it all down before: some of the best sushi in Cairo is found at Makino. I had doubts mind you, and wondered if my amazing dining experience last month was a fluke; a one time deal that occurred because the planets were in some rare cosmic alignment, or thanks to the discrepancy of the Mayan calendar that prevented the earth from ending on December 21st.

Luckily for me – and everyone else in Cairo for that matter – it wasn’t a fluke. Makino is all about good quality Japanese food.

Because you can read all about my “this food is so good I will cry into it” blubbering here, I’ll regale you instead with photos of one of the best restaurants in Cairo. I went back mid-last week for a sushi fix and found the place heaving with Japanese business types, diplomats and expatriates.

Now if that’s not a sign that a restaurant is doing something right…kindly tell me what is.

Makino (inside the Hilton Residence)
21 Mohamed Mazhar, (Zamalek) Cairo, Egypt
Hours: Noon – midnight