We're Egypt Bound on May 15th - Come Along and #SeeTheWorld!

We’re Egypt Bound on May 15th – Come Along and #SeeTheWorld!

Are you deeply curious about other cultures? Do you have an insatiable need to travel to destinations far and near? If the answer is yes, you won’t want to miss the new #SeeTheWorld chat on Twitter, as we know there is much more to a country than famous landmarks and clichéd itineraries! Join @TheCultureur and @RovingAltruist every Wednesday at 12pPST/3pEST as we explore a new destination each week in an attempt to stimulate a rich discussion on all things related to travel, culture, lifestyle, and food.


Enduring a long haul flight, we travel the extra mile en route to the Middle East/Africa favourite of Egypt: land of the pharaohs and the pyramids, Red Sea resorts and a revolution.

Egyptian inspired-giveaway!

An Egyptian inspired-giveaway is part of the fun! (Not this necklace, but something equally lovely).

Maybe you’re dreaming about making a trip to Egypt or want to share your thoughts on this desert locale; either way don’t miss our chat on May 15th as there will be an opportunity for everyone to share their experiences and ideas, and also take part in a special giveaway courtesy of young up-and-coming jewelry designers SabryMarouf! Join us on May 15 to get inspired and #SeeTheWorld!

The brains behind the SabryMarouf brand.

The brains behind the SabryMarouf brand.