Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: Summertime Fun + More

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: Summertime Fun + More

While I’m a firm believer in hard work, I think every Intolerant needs a break now and then. Stepping away from the desk and the majority of one’s smart devices (notice how I said majority as I realize the difficulty of technological separation. I do love my Instagram) is necessary for recharging one’s batteries and being reminded of what really counts. Now a temporary resident of the US, I had forgotten how easily North American drive (which is a good thing) and the hustle and bustle of daily life (also a good thing) can get wildly out of control and lead to 60+ hour work weeks, the pressure to always be ‘plugged in’ and rat race mindsets that push people to the edge of burnout.

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With that said, I’ve decided this summer will be about dialling things down. I’ll produce at least two posts every week, with a photo essay or Instagram video thrown the odd Friday. It’s not that I’m strapped for content or inspiration, but I’m rather excited to uncover Brooklyn and New York City, and to also begin my exploration of the US along with the countries of Central and South America.

I mean, that’s better done pounding pavement than sitting behind a computer screen, no?

Some of the upcoming items on this Intolerant’s agenda include:

* Wine tasting at Corkbuzz NYC.

* Seeing what the surfers are up to at Rockaway Beach.

* Walking the NYC Highline again and again.

* Hiking in upstate New York.

* Jet-setting west for a California road trip and cruising  fromLos Angeles to San Francisco with diving, hiking, beach bumming and wine tasting along the way (think the movie Sideways, but with a nomadic Canadian/Euro twist).

* Possibly getting my groove on in Panama.

There's so much to discover. On foot in Brooklyn.

There’s so much to discover. On foot in Brooklyn.

Here’s to a fantastic summer season with plenty of adventure, new experiences, bourgeoning friendships and more. Yalla!

Tell me, what do you have planned for the months of July and August?