As part of the successful #SeeTheWorld chat on Twitter, @TheCultureur and @rovingaltruist have expanded the #SeeTheWorld community and are pleased to bring you the Creation Curation initiative. As you know, there’s plenty of content to sift through on the Internet – some of it great and some, well, not so much – so with that in mind we decided to help you cut through the noise and bring you some of the inspiring and interesting articles we’ve come across on all things related to travel, society, culture, food and more, from around the world.


The Creation Curation is presented in installments and, through it, we hope to develop a hub – or directory if you will – of the writers, photographers and online creators you should check out when it comes to gaining insight into travel, living the expat life, navigating foreign lands, booking your next adventure and so much more!

The idea is: You create. We curate.

  1. Camel Trek in Tajikistan by Shane the Travel Camel

  2. Photography: A Window Into the Unknown by Poonam Parihar Travel

  3. For the Wine Collectors: How to Bring Home Your Favourite Vintages by Ageless Global Travel

  4. This is Why We Travel by In Search of Perfect

  5. Choosing a Less Certain Life by The World, Please

  6. How Studying A-Broadens Your Mind by MishFish13

  7. Is it Safe to Travel to Africa as a Solo Woman? by Helen in Wanderlust

  8. 13 Uninspirational Travel Quotes  by Lunaguava

  9. Tour Mongolia by Borders and Backpacks

  10. Expat Tips: Lessons I’ve Learned by Frank About Croatia


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The #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation is by invitation only, but feel free to send a tweet or email detailing your favourite blog post to @TheCultureur and/or @rovingaltruist. You may be featured in our next installment! (*Note: we will not include sponsored posts in our lists).