Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: Why, Hello 2015 (Happy New Year)

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: Why, Hello 2015 (Happy New Year)

I don’t know about you but I found 2014 (at least the last half of it) to be a bit of a drag. A host of job stuff, travel stuff, health stuff and other-personal-stuff bore down all at once to collapse my, very, delicate house of cards. Because of it I felt last year had been a misnomer of sorts. In spite of all the hullaballoo and excitement surrounding 2014, the year wound up being nothing more than painfully static and unremarkable. Having been stuck in a state of limbo I was quite ready to leave the year behind and when the clock hit 00:00 on January 1st, 2015 I offered up a little prayer/mantra/wish/musing to the universe and then went to bed. I mean, fireworks are great and all but I had overshot my bedtime by an hour and a half. Staying up past midnight too often does not a well-rested and happy Intolerant make.

My New Year's Eve dessert. Dairy-free chocolate mousse. A most fabulous way to say "see you later" to 2014.

My New Year’s Eve dessert. Dairy-free chocolate mousse. A most fabulous way to say “see you later” to 2014.

So now that a new 12 months have dawned and the first weeks already flown by, I feel good about where we’re headed and prepared to face up to whatever comes my way. And while I’m not a fan of resolutions (it’s a time-bound and fanciful way to articulate a set of goals you’d like to achieve) I do like the idea of surrendering. There’s something to be said for turning yourself over to the present moment and giving into your current situation, regardless of how amazing, difficult or uncomfortable it might be. There is something humbling about learning to let go and giving things up in a bid to become lighter. I like the notion of releasing and unhinging, of offloading in anticipation of some thing(s) better. Of exchanging the old for all thing(s) bigger.

Preparing to accept so many thing(s) more.

Here is to hoping 2015 is a great year for you and you and, yes, you. May it provide us with more of everything good that 2014 forgot to give.

Heading south; flying over a popcorn-kerneled sky. Happy New Year kids.

Heading south; flying over a popcorn-kernelled sky. Happy New Year kids.

Coming up on For the Intolerants in the first quarter of 2015:

  • What to do with 8 – 12 hours in Panama City (DO NOT STAY AT THE AIRPORT);
  • Uncovering parts of Ecuador;
  • 48 hours of Intolerant bacchanal in Atlanta;
  • Spring-time in the city (my favourite time of year in NYC);
  • When in Ghana…; and,
  • This Intolerant is moving towards a plant-based and whole foods diet/lifestyle. (Insert *gasp* here.) I’ll be sharing some of my reasons for why, various coping mechanisms (I’m telling you, I miss eggs and bacon something fierce) along with delicious recipes and fantastic food finds in NYC, Brussels and beyond.


**Parts of this post are an except from a piece written for Empress Tea in December 2014.