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This Intolerant neither profits from this blog nor does she accept payment in exchange for advertising, reviews or the like. She is; however, open to forging collaborations so long as it is relevant to this site’s content. If you’d like to work together kindly send an email → fortheintolerants[at]gmail[dot]com. The other places you can find JoAnna on the information superhighway include Twitter | Instagram | BlogLovin | Pinterest.

Writing, photography and voice have been featured on Empress Tea,, The Copenhagen Voice, Daily News Egypt, The New York Times, CBC, Insight Magazine and KURT. Blog-related musings can also be found on ThirdEyeMomJess in Belgium, From There to Here, The CultureurExpats Blog and Travel Fashion Girl. Collaborations included companies like Fine & Raw Chocolate, SteamWhistle and SabryMarouf Designs.


If you’re interested in @TheCultureur‘s Twitter-based #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation project (this Intolerant helped coordinate the tweet-inspired wanderlust between 2013 and early 2014) the links below will take you to the Creation Curation’s early posts:

Part I | Top Travel Blogs: #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation

Part II | Top Travel Blogs: #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation

Part III | Top Travel Blogs: #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation

Part IV | Top Travel Blogs: #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation

Let's fly away!

Let’s fly away!

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